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Health Benefits of Ashoka - Best for Females health - Herbal Daily Blog

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Health Benefits of Ashoka – Best for Females health


Health Benefits of Ashoka – Best for Females health

The scared and ‘sorrowless’ Ashoka tree is a highly acclaimed herb for its efficacy in treating gynecological problems and also it has been well used in traditional Indian medicine as a main ingredient in various therapies. The bark, flowers, seeds, and leaves of this plant have high medicinal values.

It has analgesic and astringent attributes that are used to treat the womb’s problems in women. It has been considered an effective herb in the treatment of indigestion, tumors, thirst, burning sensation, blood disorders, fractures, fibroids, and menstrual cramps.

Also, Several researches have suggested that it may have anti-depressant properties in its leaves.

Health Benefits of Ashoka

Ashoka stimulates Uterus:

Ashoka is given as a tonic to women as it is a uterine stimulator herb that helps infrequent and prolongs the contraction of uterine tissues.
Its leaves and bark are used to get rid of worms in the stomach and Ashoka juice is therefore very effective in treating ache. It treats the internal bleeding associated with fibroids. Its antifungal properties help to prevent infections in the womb.

improves Skin Complexions:

The leaves of this herb have natural blood purifying properties that prevent a number of infections in and outside of the body. It is also used to improve the complexion of skin and to obtain relief from burning sensations on the skin. Ashoka kills all infectious agents.

Ashoka helps in Detoxification:

It also helps to get rid of the toxins from the body that is useful to treat toxicities and all blood disease. This herb also helps in encouraging urine flow and thus helps in treating conditions that cause painful urination. so it is best for women’s health

regularises Menstruations:

As a Natural herb, Ashoka has the ability to regularise menstrual cycles without causing any side-effects. In addition, it helps to treat excessive bleeding in periods and check the interval between two cycles. Besides treating the symptoms of generalized weakness and fatigue before and during menses, the use of Ashoka leaves juice provides immense relief from the PMS, painful menstrual cramps, and non-specific white discharge.

Ashoka for Weakness:

The Ashoka herb has a nourishing effect on the circulatory system, which makes it an effective tonic for treating arrhythmia and cardiac weakness because of this it also treats the weakness and fatigue problem in women.

Ashoka for Pain:

It is efficient to manage all painful conditions. The specific analgesic properties present in it are used to calm the nerves when they have been aggravated by the body movement (Vata Dosha) and the juice of Ashoka leaves mixed with cumin is a very effective remedy for a stomach ache.

Herbal Daily Ashoka is a natural remedy for

Irregular Menses, Ovarian Cysts & PCOS click here
White Discharge click here
Fibroids click here

Herbal Daily Ashoka

Dosage: 3 teaspoons (15 ml) Herbal Daily Ashoka in 100 ml of water, on empty stomach early morning before breakfast, Daily. Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.



Price: INR 650

Quantity: 400ml


Watch this video to understand the Ashoka Herbs and its Health benefits  

Scientific references:

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