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Vedic Cow Ghee – Gir Cow Ghee - Herbal Daily Blog

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Vedic Cow Ghee – Gir Cow Ghee

vedic ghee, gir cow ghee is better than jersey cow

Vedic Cow Ghee – Gir Cow Ghee

What is the power of Vedic Desi Cow Ghee?

You must have heard that some 50 years ago in India, a single woman used to give birth to 4-8 children. Today, the health of women worldwide is so bad that they have to go through cesarean even for a single baby!

This is because traditionally women used to have VEDICGIR COW GHEE that provided their body with the flexibility, strength, and super stamina to do high activity work.

How is it different from Commercial Ghee?

Commercial ghee makers use milk from buffaloes or hybrid/foreign breed cows. These foreign breeds like Jersey cows are a crossbreed of a wild animal named Urus in Europe (Equivalent of pig in India).

The most shocking fact is that even today the milk of these animals is not used directly for consumption in Europe because it increases cholesterol, diabetes, BP, and many other life-threatening diseases. It is even banned in some parts of Europe.

How Commercial Ghee is made

In the modern process, the milk of foreign breed cows is passed through the cream separating machine. After passing 25 litres of milk in cream separating machine, 1 kg of cream and 24 litres of white liquid (which is sold to us again as milk) is obtained. So there is a loss of only 1 litre of milk as 24 litres is sold back as milk. The cost of one-litre milk is Rs 25. Cost of separating cream, heating and packing can be Rs 50. Therefore this type of ghee costs utmost Rs 75 per kg and is sold in the market at Rs 400 per kg!

However, to obtain Pure Cow Ghee of Indian breeds like Gir

  • The Cow is fed a diet of Jau, Kapas Seed, Coconut, Til, Makka (Corn), matar dal, Gehu Chapad, Jawar Kutti, Rachka & many other herbs.
  • Whole Milk is boiled and is converted into Yoghurt (curd) overnight. In the morning, this yoghurt (curd) is turned into buttermilk which is churned to produce Butter (Makkhan). This butter is warmed in iron vessels to get this rare nutritious ghee. The leftover is just buttermilk and there is no milk left to be sold again.
  • Desi Cow Milk Vs Jersey Cow Milk – A1 Milk vs A2 Milk
  • The milk of Desi Cow or Gir Cow Milk contains A2 proteins that are best for your body while Jersey Cow Milk contains Compounds that leads to a “basket of diseases” (Read research and references below)
  • To obtain 1 kg 100% Pure Cow Ghee – 40 Litres of Gir Cow Milk is required 1 litre of Milk comes at a cost of Rs 90
  • 40 litres of Milk x 90 Rs each = Rs 3600 + Rs 100 Manufacturing Charges + Taxes + Delivery Charges – All of which explains the Desi cow ghee price.

Vedic Cow Ghee Health Benefits 

  • This rare satvik ghee facilitates normal delivery in women, it has anti-ageing properties that decreases bad cholesterol and facilitates excellent circulation.
  • Nowadays, every other person is going through joint pain issue or painful knee surgery. Our bodies need lubrication in the purest form that commercial ghee cannot provide. Only Ghee made by this traditional method can provide lubrication in the purest form.
  • It contains healthy fat-soluble vitamins that facilitate the absorption of nutrients in foods that are vital for health.
  • This traditional method of preparing bilona ghee as mentioned in the shastras provides very deep nourishment to all of the dhatus (tissues) of the body and helps generate ojas, the most subtle material in the body.
  • It is used in medicinal practice to help with ulcers, constipation and the promotion of healthy eyes and skin and can be used for the treatment of burns and blisters. It increases memory and balances the mind and enhances brain function.
  • This ghee contains conjugated linolenic acid which is helpful in losing weight, especially belly fat and has been known to slow the progress of cancer and heart disease.
  • Gir Cow Ghee melts at 37°C and our body temperature is 37.2°C, which is why it gets totally absorbed in the body while commercial ghee melts at approx. 39°C or above which increases BP, diabetes, cholesterol and other diseases.

Vedic Cow Ghee India in Hindi

गीर गाय का बलोने का घी:

इस घी को वैदिक काल अनुसार बनाया जाता है।

इस घी को बनाने के लिए सिर्फ भारतीय नस्ल की गिर गाय के दूध का उपयोग होता है। इस घी का उपयोग रसोई के लिए और औशधि के रूप में उपयोग किया जाता है।

Price: INR 250

Quantity: 50 gm

Directions to Use:

  • Respiratory diseases – Warm-up Vedic Ghee and pour 2 drops in each nostril. Strictly avoid eating drinking anything cold for an hour.
  • Brain Related Disorders – Warm-up Vedic Ghee and pour 2 drops in each nostril. Strictly avoid eating drinking anything cold for an hour.
  • Muscles & Bones – Mix 10 gm of Desi Cow Ghee in Warm Turmeric Milk and consume daily. Drink it in a standing position.
  • Pregnant/Post Delivery Women – Consume 15 gm twice a day (30 gm total daily), either in Warm milk or Khichdi up to 9 months – 1 Year.
  • Always Take VedicCow Ghee in anything warm like warm milk or Khichdi. Mix it very well.
  • Do not drink or eat anything cold for the next 45 minutes.


Scientific References and Studies:

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